Embrace your wandering mind: The top 10 urban experiences that will change your life

Written by miravvi Editor 13th June 2022
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What a beautiful feeling it is to prepare yourself for the next adventure that awaits you. There are many moments in life that will impact you in wonderful ways, but to travel and experience the world is one like no other. It allows us to open our eyes once more and reach out for that feeling of freshness that we haven’t been able to hold onto in the midst of our every day life. Those feelings of happiness and delight soar through our very souls as we are met with the elegance of newness. How could words possibly capture those transformative moments that uplift us and truly remind us of how beautiful this world is and how lucky we are to call it home.

Travelling is life-changing to say the least – it is our greatest teacher of embracing those beautiful moments and breathing in the present. Allow your eyes to wander over the picturesque wonders before you and appreciate every second that you can. By enveloping the explorative version of yourself, you will be able to let go and uncover beauties that you have not yet had the chance to meet. Remind yourself that this truly is your life – pinch yourself if you have to! But, take those moments to open your eyes and appreciate the present.

Sometimes all we really need is a prompt to change perspective and travel is one of the purest ways to do that. Soaking in cultures, traditions and languages allow us to truly make connections with the world in which we live and really paints a picture of vastness. It allows us to make meaning and reflect on what really matters. With this open perspective in full swing, our open mindset will begin to flourish. Experiencing the world really does paint a picture of beauty and purity. Let yourself be whisked away by the wonders that the world has to offer.

Here are the top 10 urban experiences that will change your life and guide you on your growth journey:


For most of us, Sydney, Australia, is at the complete opposite side of the world to us and that is an attraction in itself. Like most capital cities, Sydney boasts a creative scene that holds an element of something for anyone that visits. Whether it be art shows, culinary dreams, performances, culture and picturesque views that could make anybody want to pick up a paintbrush and capture the moment forever. There is an ounce of  golden everywhere that you look in this desirable destination!

Los Angeles

What comes to mind when you think of the iconic, Los Angeles? The delightful weather, the famous beaches? Putting the obvious reasons aside, Los Angeles is a city that is streaming with culture and wonder. Often deemed as the international playground for artists, you will walk the streets with a confident stride knowing that you will not leave without taking a glimpse of a celebrity once or twice. In addition to this, to balance out the desirability, the natural scenery is one that leaves everyone with their mouths agape – just because it is an urban wonderland, it doesn’t mean the grass will grow greener somewhere else!

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, often known as the ‘windy city’, will lure you in and capture your heart with its medley of modern wonders! With a combination of gracious skyscrapers and the elegance of the Chicago River Walk, you will not fall short of finding something that will envelope your desires. And who could forget the magnificent Millenium Park? This is where you will be in utter admiration of the city’s most iconic scenery.  One of the most popular sights is Cloud Gate, affectionately referred to as “The Bean.” It features a sleek mirror-like stainless steel surface that mirrors the skyscrapers around it – why not take an iconic selfie in its beauty? It will definitely be one for the album.


The glorious capital England is the largest urban city in the entirety of the United Kingdom – that is a wonder within itself. People around the world are magnetised to this gorgeous city as it is lucrative for international tourists and students from all around the world. With an essence of natural and urban beauty, a feeling of togetherness and peace and a never-ending bucket list of things to do, London will always leave you wanting more. With world renowned sights like Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, you will never have a sight for sore eyes in the city that radiates beauty all around.


Singapore is one of the most prosperous locations in the entire world. As a wellknown business hub and with world class shopping destinations, Singapore will definitely open your eyes to a world of extravagance. With a shiny layer of elegance and class, Singapore will introduce you to its roots of fascinating tradition and culture – this is a place that will entirely entice you. Streaming with unmissable museum experiences, architecture of dreams and its charming nature, Singapore will leave you craving its presence.


The ancient capital of cultural heaven will capture your heart and mind with just one visit. Beijing is a location glazed with freshness and experiences that you did not even know that you needed. With endless opportunity to dive in amongst the locals, you will never feel so welcome anywhere else in the world. Beijing is home to the opera, kung fu, a rich culture of tea, calligraphy, sugar painting and even more wonders. Why not take the leap and fully immerse yourself into this ancient yet urban haven?


Bangkok is a destination that lures in tourists all year round and has done for decades – who wouldn’t want to experience what this magnificent city has to offer? With a unique culture that goes hand-in-hand with elegance, it leaves foodies in awe and history lovers speechless. However, the star of the show simply has to be the elephant building in Bangkok. It pays tribute to the beloved national animal of the country and has been ranked as one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the entire world!

Abu Dhabi

The luxurious location that has it all! With islands teeming with nature and luxury resorts, to sand dunes and the oasis phenomena – this place is a travellers heaven. The beauty of expiration is not knowing what you will get next and Abu Dhabi will definitely aid you on this desire of spontaneity – one day you could be flouncing around a world-class museum, the next you could be roaming the vastness of a desert. Abu Dhabi truly has it all and it is waiting for you!


Tokyo is one of the most popular destinations for travellers all over the world. Holding onto its strong sense of tradition and culture, as well as leading in the sphere of innovation, Japan truly can do anything! As a hustling and bustling capital city, Tokyo is renowned for its advancements in technology and jaw-dropping fashion. But, it doesn’t just win the top spot for its urban ways, Tokyo also has a spectacular natural scene! The picturesque rows of cherry blossoms are the perfect backdrop for photographs – but make sure you catch them at their fullest bloom during the spring time!


Why you would not want to take a visit to romantic Paris. With an abundance of rich culture, opulent history, romance all around and luscious landmarks, why are you not en route to the city of love yet? With romance seeping through the pores of the city – romanticism can be found anywhere and everywhere. From dancing under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, candlelit dinners and strolls along the Seine, you will certainly find your heart in Paris.

By being present, we are guiding our minds to truly connect with the world around us. The next time you find yourself worrying about something that could happen or regretting something that has already happened – stop for a moment. Breathe in, breathe out and realise where you are. Being aware of your wandering mind and bringing it back to the present will truly keep your mind focused and clear.

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