About us

miravvi® | Women’s wellness through the wisdom of nutrition

If we understand nature’s desire to nourish us, we are empowered to follow her lead. Continual awareness of the abilities of her provisions feeds our minds and bodies. It helps us to better our choices, our outlook, and, ultimately, our health. And to enhance our vitality and quality of self-love.

miravvi® is dedicated to the pursuit of wellness and the benefits of a balanced lifestyle through the wisdom of nutrition.

Our plant-based products are crafted from the world’s most effective bioactive ingredients to ignite a glow that starts from within. Through a marriage of deep science and pure nature, miravvi supports and inspires our perpetual journey of personal refinement by helping to rejuvenate our bodies and lift our spirits. And it gives us the gift of expert insight into the profound advantages of making healthy choices.

But miravvi goes beyond all of this.

It fuels lifelong learning and a shared energy of togetherness – a community of radiant women.

  • We are in our prime.
  • We feel our power.
  • We accept and rise to challenges.
  • We believe in our ideas, and we know our strengths.
  • We are beautiful, strong and wise.
  • And we nurture ourselves so that we can nurture the world.

miravvi is nurtured by its three pillars of harmony:

  • Italian word meaning aims. This speaks of the goals that drive us.
  • Indian (Sanskrit) word meaning ocean. This references wondrous nature.
  • Latin words meaning wonderful and life. This refers to the chance to improve, assert ourselves and enjoy.

The miravvi symbol embraces the iconography of infinity and purity.

A combination between the symbol of Infinity that aims at our continuous process of refinement in life and a Water Lily flower extract, as a symbol of purity, pleasure, hope, wellbeing.

Our core values

miravvi® is the voice of empowerment, a community that encourages modern women in a modern world to adore every part of themselves and provide the tools to live their best lives. miravvi’s values can support women in feeling better in body and mind.

  • Certified Organic products
  • Plant based products
  • Made in the UK
  • Allergen Free
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours

miravvi Founder

As a female entrepreneur, wife and mother of two boys, I am always looking to find the key of empowerment that allows me to live and work to my full potential and overcome my challenges. With over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field and a scientific background, I have worked with a team of scientists, naturopaths, nutritionists and pharmacies to design and develop the miravvi® brand.

miravvi® promotes a Balanced Lifestyle through the wisdom of nutrition and an holistic approach to health and beauty, a concept that aims at the whole to maintain a balance between mind, body and soul.

miravvi® is a voice of empowerment with the purpose to spread a sense of power to women near and far; a community that encourages modern women in a modern world to adore every part of themselves and provides tools to live their best lives.

Everyone needs a little bit of a push sometimes!

We are a driving force that brings women together to stand stronger and happier in a modern world that can often pull us down. We are seeking challenge and room for growth – it is always better together! Our dreams are there to be chased and our goals are meant to be reached.

The heart of our values was born from creativity, perseverance and attention to every little detail. We are canvas paintings filled with life, wonder and beauty. Every colour, brushstroke and element merge and create us. We are powerful – the world is our oyster.

miravvi’s values can support women in feeling better in body and mind. You can make your hopes and dreams come true – just keep going.

Join us and let’s all seek a meaningful enhancement and authentic wellbeing.

It isn’t as far away as you think.

Mirela Pavel

The miravvi fellowship and contributors