A Healthy Food Plate is an essential part of creating a Healthy Life

Written by miravvi Editor 14th July 2022

What truly defines a Healthy Food Plate? This is where the infographic comes into play, a pictorial summary of the main food groups in the right portions’ sizes.

Dieticians use it all around the world to demonstrate how important it is to be aware of the amount, nutrition and variation of the meals that we decide to pile onto our plates. Choosing to eat mindfully and sensibly is essential for us to create healthy lifestyles and prevent the possibility of any disturbances to our health in the future.

So, what does the Healthy Food Plate tell us?

The right portions start with planning.

A Healthy Food Plate is in place to pave the way to our improved well-being. It showcases the variety of foods in particular that we need to include to bring some colour to our meals.

A Healthy Food Plate starts with portions of the right sizes and it is segmented into sections of vegetables and fruits ½ of plate, whole grains ¼ of plate, healthy protein ¼ of plate, healthy plant oils and water.

It is our guide for creating healthy and balanced meals.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

Demonstrating a healthy and balanced diet educates us on how cutting out foods is a non-negotiable when aiming for that ultimate goal of a healthy diet. 

The inclusion of all kinds of foods provides us with a range of nutrition, taste and many health benefits. A Healthy Food Plate is a full plate that is decorated to help us eat healthy, balanced diet every day.

Not only does it demonstrate the desirability of variation, but it also shows the portion sizes and how their regulation has a great impact on our day-to-day health. Providing a clear visual representation of how much our plates should be covered in each nutritional segment prompts us to follow the same ratio when preparing our dishes.

As well as this, it also highlights the uttermost importance of staying hydrated when aiming for that ultimate Healthy Food Plate. This is because hydration is key when incorporating exercise into our lifestyle, as it keeps us prepared and alert for physical movement and also prevents symptoms such as thirst, headaches and fatigue.

All in all, a Healthy Food Plate is not solely dedicated to food deemed as healthy – it is a combination of elements like portion size, hydration and variation.

Reaching that true goal of a healthy lifestyle will not just simply happen overnight but by investing the time and energy into yourself, you are steering yourself in the best direction.

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