A healthy lifestyle: everyone’s business!

Written by Iulian 18th October 2022

As important as maintaining a balanced diet is – is that all that we should do? Certainly not! We should be promoting an ultimate healthy lifestyle for our children to fall in love with. Little ones must keep active, as it supports them with their growth and development. Physical activity alone can also improve many other factors, such as increasing self-esteem, promoting heart health and improving academic performance! We have some tips to help to include more physical activity into our daily schedule. 

Who doesn’t like to play?

There are plenty of times during the day that we can squeeze in a game of some sort – why not before school or just after dinner? Even if it is for 5 minutes, something is better than nothing! Children should be encouraged to get some fresh air whenever they can – who doesn’t love being in the freshness of a new morning?

The opportunities are endless and they are all fun for the whole family!

Do you want a ride home? No way!

Assess your situation logically – is a car journey necessary? If not, then let’s go! Why not opt for a bike ride on a warm summer’s day or a brisk autumn morning walk? By promoting these healthier choices and making them fun, how could our children ever want to opt for something else? 

By being a super role model we are influencing children every single day. 

So, we are always influencing and impacting the choices that our children make. No matter how small or unnecessary they may seem in the moment, they could lead to wider and more harmful habits in the future. 

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