Mindful meditation: How can sound provoke thought and emotion?

Written by miravvi Editor 18th May 2022

Meditation is a strategy that many of us use to find peace within ourselves. Finding a quiet spot to sit mindfully and be alone with the thoughts and emotions that we have may seem daunting to some, but it is an experience that will leave you feeling whole every time.

When we meditate, we are exploring the inner workings of our mind: feeling at one with our sensations, feelings and thoughts. The beauty of meditation is that it is a personal experience – meaning everyone’s meditation journey and preference is unique.

There are always new strategies and meditation methods floating around. However, a brand-new method is on the roll at the moment. Let’s explore a newly popular meditation practice using sound!

What is Sounds meditation?

Sound meditation focuses on the concept of self-awareness and uses sound to calm the body and mind and promotes overall well-being. By using sound it exposes those who practise meditation in this way to relaxation, self-inquiry and the essence of self-discovery.

As a form of meditation, the sound is used to cultivate and support deep relaxation. Ultimately, the goal is to create a powerful yet gentle experience that heals the body, clears the mind, and helps you stay present. By focusing solely on the sound that is played, your mind is taken on a journey of pure tranquillity. It has been proven that sound goes hand in hand with reducing stress and improving the overall mood of many – meaning that sound and meditation are the perfect combinations. Sign me up!

How does Sounds meditation help?

It has been proven throughout a study that sound meditation holds a lot of benefits. Some include the management of pain and controlling pain perception. This one is greatly beneficial as not only does it improve the physical pain being felt, but it also works on how the mind deals with the pain. Sound waves have been found to be more effective at lowering blood pressure and affecting the nervous system than traditional meditation.

Another benefit is the overall reduction of stress and anxiety. Sound is popular stress and anxiety reliever as it creates a feeling of calm and peace. Meaning, combining this strategy with the method of meditation, your mind will soar to a place of ultimate relaxation!

This is a meditation practice that has many strengths! While traditional meditation requires full focus and attention to remain present, sound meditation allows participants to remain in a relaxed head space and allow themselves to be carried by the music and sound alone. Sound meditation makes it easy to tune out, as opposed to standard meditation, which can be challenging.

Will you find the time to practice some sound meditation in your daily habits?

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