Assertiveness: reduce stress and communicate better

Written by miravvi Editor 21st February 2022

Assertiveness is a skill that we can all adopt into our communicative approaches. By allowing ourselves to be entirely honest and pure within conversations, it shows that we are aware of our own needs and expectations and ultimately paves the way to a smooth outcome. This goes hand-in-hand with the overall reduction of stress. If you can assert some control into a situation, you can steer your ship away from the negative possibilities.

Obtaining assertiveness is also known to bring boosts of self-confidence, as it is a clear form of self-expression and self-awareness. Combining these factors and practising them in a day-to-day manner can create a foundation of positive perspective and an understanding of oneself. By exploring and maintaining the concept of assertiveness you are trusting yourself with the wheel of the ship - which way will you steer?

To understand is to succeed

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