Helicopter parenting – stepping back is a step forward

Written by miravvi Editor 5th March 2022

What really is ‘helicopter parenting? This form of parenting is described in this way as it refers to parents that ‘hover’ and involve themselves greatly in every aspect of their child’s life. This doesn’t criticise being present and available for your child as this is imperative in every human relationship. However, it does draw attention to those who are potentially hindering the pathways of self-discovery and independence for their offspring.

“But that is called being a parent!”

The difference between being a parent and being a helicopter parent is actually worlds apart! Every parent wants only the most wonderful things for their children - whether they are infants or growing into their years of adolescence. There is nothing wrong with being an aware parent and setting those boundaries of understanding. In fact, as parents, it is only normal to question where your children are and want to know that they are completely and utterly safe. And we are all guilty of packing just a few extra snacks in their school bags just in case they get a little bit hungry. We might also slip an answer to their homework into their ear to prevent some tears! This is called being a human being and we are all aware of that.

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