How to achieve your fitness resolutions

Written by miravvi Editor 25th July 2022
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Don’t set high expectations

An expectation is defined as something that your mind creates and latches onto. Using intensity and periodically fitness training, we expect something to happen and we make it a definitive answer in our mind that this particular thing will happen. Unfortunately, when this occurs many individuals suffer from harsh self-criticism if the expectations are not met as initially planned. Not only this, but it also diminishes our ability to reflect and adapt when necessary to ultimately reach that destination that we were aiming for. All in all, expectations have the upper hand on us and this is not beneficial when we are working towards something that we truly desire.

Warm up properly and be ready to perform to the best. Set your training frequency, create your habits for continuous training that will allow you to challenge different parts of the body.

Train more than once or twice a week if you have aesthetic or performance goals.

Give yourself reachable goals and work your mentality

In a beautiful comparison, goals are hopeful desires. They are moments of understanding that we will be working towards and it will take hard work and effort, but it will be worth it in the end. Goals are concepts that envelop us in accepting that we may have to go on a journey to get what we truly want, but that is the complete and utter beauty of it. And when we do make goals, it is imperative to make ones that we know are completely within reach of us and our capabilities, therefore motivating us to go further and achieve even more next time.

Using methods such as neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive-behavioural therapy, a mental trainer can help you dig deeper, allowing you to overcome mental barriers, learn how to control this, and increase your fitness performance.

Lacking motivation?

We can all be fools to the concept of motivation – however, it known to become an excuse in the world of fitness. Why not plan your fitness schedule so that you know exactly when it is time to move your body and truly get in that head space.

Improve and vary your rituals by choosing activities you enjoy to stimulate and conditioning different muscle groups to keep you fit.

Explore your opportunities: Join a health club or a recreation center! What is more motivating than a club of others in the same position as you? Get fit, learn new skills and make new friends along the way!

Worried that you won’t know what to do?

Do not let this worry you too much – nobody has to be a professional to move your body healthily. Why not start simple? Begin making small yet healthy changes like taking a walk to work instead of driving or even going on a bike ride around the neighbourhood. Every small change helps.

Schedule your fitness exercises and planning your physical activities when you feel more energetic and try to include in your weekly routine:

  • Aerobic and flexibility activities that help you keep your heart healthy and boost your mood, improve your joint movement.
  • Strength training that will help build muscle, strengthen bones, improve balance
  • Maintain a consistent fitness program: Train more than once or twice a week to boost your confidence and mood

Safety first: Slowly and gradually increase your time and intensity to prevent injury.

The weather factor

The ever-changing weather can make a big impact on our fitness schedules which means it helps to opt for activities that can also be swapped for an inside alternative, for example, swimming, dancing, skipping rope or even indoor cycling.

Don’t let it be an excuse to hinder your fitness journey.

I don’t have time

Time is a precious thing and we all deserve to invest it into ourselves and our health. The best way to tackle that fear of not having enough time is to actively schedule exercise into your daily routine. The more it becomes a habit, the less you even think about simply ‘squeezing it in’ to your busy life!

All in all, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves when embarking on these journeys that we have created. As emotional beings, we can be our own biggest critics and although this can be effective in some aspects, this is not always the case. We must remember that through planning, motivation and perseverance we will achieve our fitness goals and increase our fitness performance.

Have faith in yourself and your abilities.

You can do this!

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