Stress and weight gain: How to beat the unhealthy pair

Written by miravvi Editor 12th May 2022

Stress and weight gain is a combination that can often seem unstoppable, but thankfully this holds no truth. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we can often become stuck in a stressful rut that can bring with it digestive upsets, a slowing down of the metabolism and ultimately – the dreaded weight gain. Although sometimes it can seem too difficult to fix the cause of your stress, there are ways to tackle it. You can make smaller tweaks and changes to prevent those effects.

Read on to learn about some ways to keep your body in check and beat that unhealthy pair:

Eat mindfully

In those times of stress, it can be difficult to control what you are consuming – however, take a minute to have a moment of mindfulness. Inhale, exhale and take some controlled breaths before devouring something that will only be satisfying temporarily. This does not mean to say cut out all fats and sugars! It is always important to maintain a healthy balance but taking those few seconds to breathe and place yourself back at the moment can help you opt for healthier options and avoid over-eating. Self-awareness is key in these difficult moments but have belief in yourself and your own abilities. You are more than your eating habits.

Take a stroll after eating

Exercising is very much a stress reliever and also helps to keep a healthy weight – a two in one duo! By partaking in regular exercise, even if it is simply a mindful stroll after eating lunch you are truly making those small steps to better your health and wellness. Making time to integrate those small, healthy moments into your daily habits will be worth it in the long run. Don’t give up!

A healthy sleeping pattern is necessary

A lack of sleep is not uncommon in times of stress; however, this only feeds the negative emotions that keep it alive. By focusing on getting a healthy amount of hours of rest, you will be working with your body to keep a healthy routine overall. Introducing small changes, like shutting off your mobile phone an hour before your bedtime or taking some time to meditate will help your brain to calm down after the long day that you have had. Getting to know your body will pay off in the long run as by understanding its needs you are creating a gateway to positive possibilities.

Keeping your stress at bay ultimately eliminates the pathway for over-eating to sneak in. Obtaining a healthy lifestyle overall will also have a positive impact on your mental well-being and how you respond to your stress in the future. Every day we learn something new about ourselves and that will never change!

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