Stress management tips: Reaching that feeling of relief

Written by miravvi Editor 25th May 2022

Stress, unfortunately, is something that a lot of us deal with daily. The commotions of modern-day life have taken their toll on many of us – whether it be small day-to-day hassles or larger events like losing a job or moving house.

Stress in a physical sense is an accumulation of physical bodily responses like headaches, raised heart rate and blood pressure. Together this is an unhealthy combination and can lead to a loss of control and a lack of peace. Often many of us just carry on with life and let it pass…

But, there are ways to find that relief that you have been searching for! Read on to find the secret to breaking the chain of stress.

When in doubt, move your body!

Exercise is a miracle worker when regarding stress. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout at the gym, it can be as simple as taking the time to go for a walk in the morning to wake up your body. Being out in nature works wonders for your mental health and especially when searching for a way to relieve the stresses that life can often bring.

Moving your body is the perfect stress healer and you will be surprised at how fast your mind will feel a sense of relief. Next time you take a stress walk, listen to a calming podcast or even ask a friend to join you. Sometimes two are better than one!

When setting goals: be realistic

Setting goals and targets are a good idea until we set ones too far out of reach. This can lead to an element of disappointment that we do not need on our shoulders. By starting small and reachable, we are teaching ourselves how to be disciplined to get to where we want to be.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you don’t make it this time – just try, try and try again. By working on and maintaining a healthy growth mindset, you will never let your wildest dreams be too far out of reach!

Reduce stress triggers

We know ourselves more than anyone, which means we will know roughly where our stress triggers stem from. This means that we can try to avoid those situations and feelings as best as we can. Unfortunately, this is not always possible but having an ounce of self-awareness can be life-changing! Why not take some time to write down a list of things that don’t make you feel like the best version of yourself – maybe a certain crowd of people or a particular type of event? Be honest with yourself and you will find that it becomes easier to pinpoint those stress triggers!

Stress relief can be found all around us and in the form of absolutely anything. By making that conscious effort to form healthy habits you are taking steps closer and close to the best version of yourself. It is never too late to take a stand and become exactly who you want to be – don’t let stress stand in your way!

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