The talk of Tenerife

Written by miravvi Editor 24th January 2022

You can create your own adventure in Tenerife. Whether it be relaxing in a resort, getting lost in the unforgettable views, surfing the waves or embracing the exclusive culture – your dreams will begin to come true. Being entirely defined by its friendly charm, unique cuisine and breathtaking scenery – this is an island that you simply cannot overlook. 

Why not make some memories that you will never forget?

One for the scrapbook!

The Canary Islands are often referred to as the ‘Fortunate Islands’. Can you guess why that is?  Because you will be blessed with sunshine and sun-kissed skin. In order to make plans, it is not necessary to double-check the weather forecast. The list of activities available to you is never-ending – there is something for everyone! You could spend the morning hiking one of the mesmerising peaks and then cool off with a swim and lunch at the beach before working it off with an adrenaline-filled afternoon of surfing. Bringing a natural range of possibility, experience and hopefulness – this location will bring a breath of fresh air to all of the family. You have to make it one for the scrapbook!

A tale of two halves

One wonderful go-to is the Teide National Park – surrounded by a heavenly volcanic landscape,  one glance at the limitless night sky. Being a part of life experiences such as this one truly opens your eyes to the beauty of our world. 

Tenerife has also been home to the Canarian Institute of Astrophysics for over 40 years. It is one of those once in a lifetime moments that will make you adore the world differently. We are merely particles in space and goodness, we are beautiful!

A destination like this one is all about the sunsets. Why not stand in awe before the sun setting on Mount Teide below, looking up at the burnt sky, the Atlantic Ocean stretching out to the horizon? This is a postcard-perfect view! The best places for chasing sunsets are around the volcano, to be more specific. It is a truly unforgettable experience. How could you not dream of drinks and friends and a sky like the best painting you have ever seen? 

Shop local!

Doesn’t everyone wish to embrace every corner of culture when visiting a location so rich with it? Tenerife is a prime example of a location that holds pride in its traditional regional cuisine. Why wouldn’t they be? When exploring the heart-warming streets, stop and ponder over the menu choice. One to look for is the seafood paella, the wrinkled potatoes and ‘ropa vieja Canaria.

You simply cannot pass up the chance to visit the guachinches! They were traditionally located on the northern side of the island and specialised in house wine and homemade meals. You could not be any closer to the local kind of life if you tried! Places like these are often defined as the heart and soul of the island as they take care of their own and you will meet remarkable people along the way! Everyone has a lust for unique food and undeniable conversation.

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