Top 10 wellbeing sanctuaries around the world: allow yourself to blissfully connect with the beauty of the world

Written by miravvi Editor 27th June 2022

Wellness retreats are blissful opportunities to form meaningful connections with ourselves, others and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. As a means of escape, allow yourself to take a small break from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and breathe. Who doesn’t need time to rest, reflect and recuperate once in a while?

Albeit, many of us take the traditional holiday of exploration and sight-seeing, a wellness treat offers a combination of memorable and mindful moments that you will appreciate all the more. Every wellness experience is tailored to nurture your mind, body and soul – use that well deserved time to inhale and exhale as mindfully as you wish.

It is absolutely no coincidence that many wellness retreats are built within the realms of natural beauty as it has been proven that nature carries a calming and healing power when it comes to our wellness. Natural settings are an environment that can support us with reaching the optimal mental, emotional and spiritual healing achievements. And also provide us the opportunity to connect with our beautiful world as well as our inner spirits and those that have joined you, too.

Life can often get in the way and distort our perspective and opinion of who we truly are deep inside. Sometimes we have to give ourselves the chance to slow down, embrace the present moment and get to know ourselves better. Wellness retreats do exactly this – by allowing you the space and time to focus on pure connection, reflection and mindfulness, you will be able to get to know the truest version of yourself once more.

Wellbeing and mindfulness should be something that we all find inspiring and can make room for it in our lives. There are a magical range of blissful wellbeing sanctuaries all around the world that are designed to combine a holiday feel with mindful elements that will be tailored for everyone that arrives.

miravvi recommends: Top 10 Wellbeing Sanctuaries around the world:

Paradise Island, Bahamas

A blissful Bahamas experience is awaiting you at this destination. The luxury resorts are known for its overwater bungalow feature as well as the private terraces and plunge pools that accompany them, Balinese style spa villas, Club golf Courses.

And it doesn’t end there! The Wellbeing Sanctuary is known for beautiful underwater wildlife experiences, diving or snorkelling the amazing reefs of the Bahamas. With a holistic approach to wellbeing, the wellness retreat offers a range of events, including a musical series and oceanside meditation gatherings. With a beautiful backdrop and never-ending miravvi mindful moments – what more could you ask for?

Phuket Island, Thailand

A natural world of mindfulness is expecting you at the wellness retreat in Phuket. The resorts of paradise are known for its glorious lagoon and gorgeous greenery. The Phuket retreat is the perfect destination for those people seeking the finest points of nature, the opportunity to explore and the ability to embrace a delightful new culture. Your desires will all be met at these unbelievable sanctuary.

Desroches Island, Seychelles

This tropical paradise and romantic hideaway in the Indian Ocean offers a wellness retreat experiences that are filled with intimacy and connection. With a delightful mixture of beauty, romance and exotic sensuality there is nowhere else that you would rather be to open yourself up to the world of mindfulness.

With the aim of rejuvenating the body, mind and soul, the wellness retreat keeps the blissful memories of snorkelling, pedal boating, windsurfing, playing in the turquoise waters and sunset meals on the deserted beaches.

However paradise might look for you, miravvi guarantee you will find it in this sanctuary designed perfectly for your senses.

Vabbinfaru, Maldives

Relish in the warmest of welcomes from this luxurious and tropical paradise where the ocean laps at your feet and the sky creates the warmest of colours. This destination of natural beauty will leave you mesmerised with its picturesque atmosphere. Take a breath under the swaying of the palm trees and dip your toes into the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Immerse yourself in the delights that the Maldives has to offer and allow your heart to feel a bliss – miravvi moments all around

Bintan Island, Indonesia

The Island of Bintan offers a peaceful location of luscious rainforests that are full of life, wonder and wellness. With a wide range of natural scenery, this destination is perfect for people that are seeking adventure, stunning views and elements of natural beauty. With the option of many beautiful villas in the traditional Balinese style the wellness resorts give you the opportunity to unwind, embrace miravvi moments of mindfulness and experience unforgettable bliss.

Mayakoba, Mexico

A destination in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, this delightful hideaway will embrace you in its arms of glorious forestry, heavenly coastlines, and a charm that you will not experience anywhere else. With an essence of privacy and resorts surrounded by the purity of nature, it is the perfect destination to soak up deep relaxation, mindfulness and beauty in every corner of the sanctuary filled with miravvi experiences.

Tamouda Bay, Morocco

Welcome to this wellness treat of romance and utter traditional charm. This destination is known as the hidden gem amidst the Rif Mountains and the golden sands of the coast, how could you pass up this natural beauty? Come and drink in the heritage wellness and mindful beauties that this breath-taking sanctuary has to offer.

TokyoIlha Caldeira, Mozambique

Soaking up the gentleness of the ocean breeze, this idyllic destination of the senses is situated on the desirable coast of Mozambique. With glorious views of the horizon, your sunrise and sunset experiences will be utterly unforgettable and your activities such as whale watching, scuba diving and kayaking will bring you an authentic and memorable experiences. The wellness sanctuary with immaculate white sand beaches, intact living corals will allow you to connect to the natural surroundings and find peace within yourself.

Palawan Island, Philippines

The resorts with a timeless air of natural beauty that you simply cannot match anywhere else. With a relaxing atmosphere, enticing views, perfect tropical climate, crystal blue waters, with activities such as snorkeling, deepsea fishing and shipwreck diving, your wellness journey will be enhanced entirely when allowing yourself to truly connect with yourself and the natural environment around you. Immerse yourself in the wonders that this wellness and dream destination will create for you.

Bora, Bora Island, French Polynesia

Immerse yourself in all that Bora Bora has to offer at this luxurious wellness sanctuary. Surrounded by tranquility, bird song and natural wonders of the world – your wellness could not find a better place to be embraced. Taking that opportunity to priorities your own peace and tranquility will be utterly rewarded once you have stepped foot into this location of dreams with miravvi moments all around.

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