Wellness first: Bahia del Duque Resort

Written by miravvi Editor 24th January 2022

Sitting on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Resort Bahia del Duque has ticked all of the boxes for the ultimate miravvi experience. This beautiful Bahia Wellness Retreat allows you to have access to any facility you require to revitalise your energy! With the design of a heavenly 19th-century Canarian villa there is a combination of outdoor vitality pools and spa.

This luxurious stay has every last detail accounted for, even the harmonious tropical gardens and courtyards that lead up to the subtle and intimate patios. Tranquillity is a must over at Resort Bahia del Duque – allow yourself to soak in and experience a unique wellness journey. 

How could we forget about the world-class cuisine being served to you every morning and evening? With thanks to Chef Juan Miguel Cabrera, your culinary dreams will come true. With a top-quality menu ranging from the most traditional Canarian cuisine to exotic Japanese dishes, you are bound to take an unforgettable culinary journey during your stay here – you will be dancing through flavours, textures and dishes. Pucker up your tastebuds and explore dishes and cultures that have never crossed your mind before. Each and everyone will contribute to your overall memorable experience. Venture through the 9 restaurants and 13 lounges that are inviting you inside – which one will you choose?

Bahia del Duque Resort, Tenerife

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Bahia del Duque

Avda. de Bruselas s/n, Costa Adeje, 38660 – Tenerife

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