The Secret Life of Tea

Written by miravvi Editor 21st February 2022

The majority of us would not pass up a cup of tea, no matter where we are. It isn’t a great shock that it is the second most consumed beverage across the globe! No matter what flavour or sensation you are craving, there will be a tea that encapsulates exactly what you are after. Everywhere in the world has its tea-focused speciality – England, Japan, Nepal and France are just a few. With a rich history and a wide range of known health benefits, why would you want to pass up a cuppa? 

Tea has become part of the culture of the world- politically and economically too. With trade routes transporting it in tons, there is no doubting its popularity and we can understand why. With a refreshing taste and a drink with origins in nobility, we cannot get enough. Whether it be hot in the morning or iced on a summer’s night, it can enhance our mood, wellbeing and overall health. There is a selection of tea for everyone’s taste buds!

Types of Tea

There are so many varieties of tea out there on the market that it may be difficult to choose the perfect one for you: WHITE TEA – White Peony Tea from Fujian-China or Silver Needle Tea from Yunnan-China; GREEN TEA – Sencha Tea and Genmaicha Tea from Shizuoka-Japan or Dragon Well Supreme Tea from Hangzhou-China or Jade Sword Tea from Hunan-China; OOLONG TEA – Ali Shan Tea from Ali Shan-Taiwan or Yellow Gold Tea from Fujian-China; BLACK TEA – Red Dragon from Yunnan-China or Assam Tea and Darjeeling 2nd Flush Tea from India or Earl Grey Tea and Ceylon & Rose Tea from Ruhuna-Sri Lanka or Chai Tea from Dimbula-Sri Lanka; PU’ER TEA from Yunnan, China. 

Each one comes with its very own unique speciality from different growing regions and this could be for detox, to sleep or to be energised. There is tea for every mood and feeling out there! 

As a whole, tea is a beverage smothered in goodness and nourishing elements.

The Energy Cup

Although tea has a considerably less amount of caffeine, it is known to boost your energy levels. It is the kick start that we all crave – it brings with it a strong and maintained focus as well as a relaxed essence. A cup of tea is more than just a drink to wake you up. It intertwines with your body and mind and gives your wellbeing a well-deserved lift whenever you need it. There is nothing wrong with needing an energy boost sometimes and at least now you know what you can rely on!

The Calming Cup

Tea is filled with natural ounces of calm that can give you that feeling of relaxation in a period of stress. It is a popular choice after a long and stressful day at work. Tea has also been scientifically proven to help cleanse the antioxidants within your system which is more often than not linked to mental health issues. What better way to cleanse your soul with natural ingredients? And to support this, tea drinkers have been said to have lower stress levels. Why not jump on board the tea train – destination: tranquillity! 

This is a positive itself – how could you say no to a cup filled with goodness? 

It takes 3 minutes!

Although this isn’t a health benefit, it is a perk! The tea making process only takes a few minutes of your day and can provide you with lifelong benefits. By boiling the kettle and adding either a tea bag or tea leaves – your cup of goodness is ready to be gulped. 

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Take a ponder over our tea recipes selection – you will be blown away. With a wide variety of flavours and specialities, you will find the perfect one for you. 

A cup of tea is not just a drink, it is a daily boost for you. Why not take a look today?

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