When you want to feel empowered

Written by miravvi Editor 6th March 2022

Remember this when you want to feel empowered

Is empowerment something that rests only in our conscious emotion, or can it be found in our actions? Truly, empowerment is more than just a feeling of power and confidence, it is an essence of who we are and what we do. Those seeking empowerment may find that it is found in the reflections of ourselves and our uttermost self-worth that goes hand in hand with our positive experiences. Everyone should learn to validate and guide themselves into a state of being able to celebrate individual achievements and moments.

Many individuals have found themselves at the crossroads of wanting to pursue a handful of hopes and desires and then trading them in for what seems to be the most reachable option. Why do we question our capabilities and settle for things that can barely keep a smile on our faces? Some fall back on the concept of empowerment - “well I wasn’t feeling empowered in myself, therefore I put my dreams on hold until I felt it”. But the truth is, empowerment is accompanied by a combination of self-belief and putting yourself out there. How will you know if you never try? The ability to empower yourself is one that will carry you along the most beautiful pathways that life has to offer. So, the question is: how can we empower ourselves?

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