Adopt a healthy eating mindset

Written by miravvi Editor 22nd February 2022

A healthy mind means a healthy diet

One time or another we have all been in that downward spiral of attempting to adopt healthier habits and then giving up a few days later, only to try again and again and end up in the same rut. Let me ask you this – when you decided to take on a healthier lifestyle did you include a way to take care of your mind? Well – let me stop you there.

A positive mindset is a key that unlocks wondrous possibilities – all that you have to do is embrace it! Bringing changes into your life is never a straightforward task, it takes commitment, discipline and a marvellous mindset to match. This is entirely relevant when adopting a healthy diet. The change will be necessary and it will mean making room for new and healthy routines, experiencing moments that may challenge you and times that you may doubt yourself. It is all a part of the journey. But, the first real step that you have to make is to acquire the perfect mindset to help you discover that healthier version of yourself that you have been looking for.  And truly, with some perseverance, a positive approach and some preparation in your notebooks, you will be walking the path towards a healthier mind and a healthier diet! 

Number one: Mindset

Psychologists have made a stamp with the label ‘fixed mindset’ and this is what many people are guilty of having, especially when regarding dieting and incorporating healthier habits. By having this mindset, it means that before you have even begun trying you have already convinced yourself that it won’t work. You have set yourself up for failure before the journey has even started!

We are aiming for a ‘growth mindset’ – the complete opposite of the above! Having this mindset means accepting changes, growth and forever flourishing. Embracing this way of positive thinking will be beneficial on your road to a healthier you. It will allow you to have faith in your abilities and this will securely implement those lifestyle changes necessary to reach your health goals.

It comes with great importance to understand that your mindset is what may be stopping you from chasing your dreams and reaching your goals. However, the wonderful thing is that now you have acknowledged it, positive change is on its way!

Number two: Set goals that you can reach

Now that you have your positive mindset in tow, it is time to set some goals – reachable ones. This is often the problematic part of embracing new lifestyle routines, some decide to promise themselves the world knowing that they do not have the spaceship to get there yet! By starting small you will not only reach your goals but you will boost your confidence and leave yourself feeling proud and ready to go further. Don’t rush – slow and steady always wins the race. Believe in yourself!

Number three: Get enough sleep

This is imperative to keep that healthy and active mindset and lifestyle. It has been said that receiving just 30 minutes less sleep than what you should be getting can decrease your energy levels and overall mood by 30%. This is a crucial factor as to be able to be the best and healthiest version of yourself, all of your needs should be met – including getting enough sleep. Don’t lose sight of the small things as they all add up to create the wonder that is you.

Number four: Don’t be scared to switch it up

Many dieters are guilty of hitting a plateau – I am sure many of you will slowly raise your hands if I asked the question. To be healthy doesn’t mean to be boring! Don’t rely on the same routines day in, day out – have the courage to switch it up and bring some excitement to your new and healthier lifestyle. Seek out new recipes, search for different yoga positions, how about new exercise classes available in your area. There is so much excitement to be found when embracing health and dieting. Don’t fall into the trap of boredom, regret and upset – bring a thrill to it. It’s your life!

Number five: It’s a lifestyle, not a diet 

The word ‘diet’ can sometimes be seen in a particularly negative light. Some people see it as a big red cross that stops them from eating their favourite foods, drinking their favourite drinks and sleeping a little bit extra in the morning. But this could not be further from the truth. To adopt a healthier mind and diet, you are making positive changes to who you are and getting one step closer to who you want to be. It is a way of living and a way to embrace your confidence, happiness and capability. Don’t let the negative connotations bring you down – you are making a life-long commitment to yourself and you will never look back. 

It is crucial to remember that change takes time – it will not just happen overnight. To change your lifestyle and mindset is an ever-going commitment and a strong one at that. With it, you will receive the uttermost confidence, health and positivity that some can only dream of obtaining. 

By taking the time during your journey to reflect you will be able to stand in awe at how far you have come. Let yourself live, indulge, create and breathe. Don’t feel guilty for eating a cookie or skipping your morning run – listen to your body and what it needs that day. You will never be a failure when creating a better life for yourself. You are the puppet and the puppeteer, entirely in control. 

Give yourself time, patience and a lot of self-love. You deserve it.

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