Capture the Culture

Written by miravvi Editor 19th January 2022

Every country has its own style and its own culture and Jamaica is no different – however, Jamaican culture is one that you will never forget. An array of music and dance, happiness and joy, cuisine rich with infusions and colours and of course, its national colours of black, green and gold. Immerse yourself in all that this vibrant island has to offer and you will never look back.

Music and dance are an absolute wonder and of great importance in the culture of Jamaica. What could be better than dancing and having fun alongside the welcoming locals and other curious tourists? By jumping into the deep end you can explore and become a part of the beautiful ambience of the island! Why not start learning your favourite Bob Marley song right now? You might be able to impress a whole bunch of Jamaizing people with your love for such a national icon!

The food in Jamaica enriches the culture as well as being flavoursome, unique and filled with love! These dishes are a fusion of flavours from across the world, based on the aromatic spices of the Caribbean. You will most certainly be blown away – in the best way possible! The most popular dish on the menu is a jerk, a spicy marinade used for meat, fish, and chicken. It is a staple on almost every menu on the island – give it a try, you will not regret it! 

Culture is such a vital element when visiting any country but Jamaica is an island with a beating heart. There are opportunities everywhere to experience all kinds of miravvi moments and we hope that you will immerse yourself beautifully in every single one!

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