Caviar is healthier than you think!

Written by miravvi Editor 25th January 2022

Don’t save all of the caviar for the dinner table – it is filled with health benefits and would definitely be a great addition to your diet. Although it is hidden under its umbrella of sophistication, luxury and expense – it is actually filled with vitamins and minerals as well as Omega-3. An amazing fact is that one serving of this delicious delicacy gives over half of the daily requirement of protein in the body – how impressive!

Caviar also has many other tricks and benefits – some being its support of the immune system and even the skeletal structure of the body! It has even been said that pregnant women would benefit greatly from jumping on the caviar train as it can improve the quality of breast milk ready for arrival! What a glorious combination of benefits – could we love caviar anymore? Apparently so!

One fact that many cannot get over is the way caviar can nourish and firm the skin.  It restores those beautiful tones of your skin.  As skin cells begin to age and die, caviar is able to help slow the process as it hydrates – leaving our skin radiant, clear and beautiful.  Believe it or not there are skincare products that contain caviar?  It also improves your hair!  It is a win-win situation and you learn something new every single day!

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