The power of a healthier plate

Written by miravvi Editor 7th June 2022
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The power of the plate is one that several people overlook when desiring a healthier lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy diet comes with reams of health benefits and might support anyone on their journey to their desired goals. Making the conscious effort to choose healthier options during meal times will support you in paving the trail to improving your overall health and well-being.

Food is fuel for our bodies and allows us to measure to our fullest potential. It’s also how to attach to others, show appreciation to those who we love and revel in ourselves. With this in mind, it’s important to recollect that we don’t have to cut anything out of our diet completely, it’s simply about maintaining that perfect balance.

Here are some ways to assist you to create the healthier choices:

Try out a brand new recipe each week

Cooking is not always fun for everybody, especially with our busy lives. This will cause many families to choose takeaway foods that don’t seem to be always the healthiest. However, it doesn’t always need to be a rushed activity – get creative! Why not find some exciting recipes to undertake and get the entire family involved? Being healthier mustn’t just be a run of the mill solo journey.

Prioritise a decent night of sleep

Sleep is such a very important factor for a healthier lifestyle in every respect. Not only does the scarcity of sleep encourage an increased appetite but it also puts your overall health in danger. It is advisable to maintain healthy habits and aim for the correct amount of sleep each night to forestall any health risks.

Have smaller portions

We can all be guilty of our eyes being just that bit bigger than our tummy – sometimes just employing a smaller plate, can reduce our instinct to devour a meal even after we are full. By eating smaller portions, you’re training your appetite to only eat what your body needs and not only eat for overall satisfaction. This is often a healthy habit to develop and promotes a healthy intake of calories.  

Drink enough water

Drinking water is vital when implementing a healthier lifestyle. By staying hydrated and selecting water as your beverage option. It eliminates the alternatives many of which are higher in sugars. It’s also known that water promotes weight maintenance and even increases the possibility of weight loss.

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