Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

Written by miravvi Editor 24th January 2022

The Caribbean island is known for its white-sand beaches and gorgeous climate, but your culinary dreams will come true on the island of Barbados from incredibly authentic seafood platters to that world-famous rum. You can enjoy an array of gastronomic experiences from beachfront dining to enjoying the local cuisine at festivals and feasting with the locals. Is it any wonder that Barbados is called the culinary capital of the Caribbean?

You enjoy some of the finest cuisines in the Caribbean, which combine influence from the West African, Asian, and European cultures. Bajan cuisine holds the essence of complete uniqueness and will completely capture your heart. Here are some beautiful recipes you must indulge yourself in when you visit:

Cou-Cou with Flying Fish: A staple in Bajan cuisine, Cou-Cou with Flying Fish uses cornmeal and okra to give it a spicy, smoky flavour.

The flying fish, swordfish, tuna, lobster, and shrimps are available at Barbados’ finest restaurants, whether you are seeking gourmet or more casual dining. 

Barbados is a location that embraces wellness, relaxation and a culinary haven all in one. Discover yourself and fall in love, just like we did, on this blissful island. Whether you decide to seek your bliss solo or with loved ones – allow yourself to sink into the now of the moment. Nothing lasts forever but make every single second of it count. 

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