Identify those life-changing moments and watch yourself flourish

Written by miravvi Editor 22nd June 2022

Often in life, we tend to look back and wonder what would happen if we could turn back time and change one small moment. We are beings of perfectionism and are all guilty some time or another, of regretting mistakes and decisions made that could have potentially changed the course of our entire lives. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this feeling of regret. However, these moments are all about capturing the correct perspective. There is nothing to regret - we simply need to learn to embrace all of the moments that accumulate together and create the canvas of our lives. It is always the right time to begin accepting who you are, where you have been and all of the places that you will go!

Thus, our journey begins as we begin to identify those pivotal moments in life that catch us at those crossroads of life-defining decisions. They can be deemed big or small, yet all the same, give us a sense of clarity that gives way to brand new perspectives and opportunities that are waiting for us on the horizon. As you are reading this right now - do any life-defining moments cloud your mind?

miravvi recommends: Take a moment to ponder over how they changed you and where this moment led you to. These short instances are individual to us all and although they may not matter to someone else, our understanding is all that truly counts.

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