Mindfulness in the Maldives

Written by miravvi Editor 20th January 2022

If you are craving a destination filled with mindful opportunities then you should consider the magic of the Maldives. With the bluest of waters and sandy beaches to capture the hearts of anyone that has the pleasure of visiting, this location is one of the purest dreams and holds a lot of memorable miravvi moments! Why not make all of your dreams come true and dive?

Island hoppers

The Maldives is a country pieced together like a jigsaw that brings such thrilling energy and explorative opportunities. Although most are incredibly petite, meaning only a handful can cater for holiday resorts. But, trust us, the Maldives is so utterly picturesque that it sends you to a dream-like state with its heavenly horizons and never-ending beauty.

Often people disregard the principle of a cliché – but how could you when they are embraced by postcard-perfect beaches, a never-ending ocean and dancing under the stars? An unmissable experience is a diving trip to the house reef, which is a short paddle from the beach and will present you with an array of turtles, rays, and exotic fish. The views are no longer uninterrupted; however, seeing life twinkle elsewhere is not enough to distract from the parade of tropical sea life and the vast blue expanse of the ocean. 

Catch the culture

One culture that you simply cannot turn a blind eye to is that of the Maldivians. With a strong implemented influence from its neighbouring nations, India and Sri Lanka, it brings an essence of positivity, creativity and mindfulness – it may just be the capital of the miravvi mindset! A destination that encapsulates and brings life to every moment is the place we all need to be – just imagine yourself swaying with the waves and embracing every second. 

Music and dance is such a big aspect of the culture of the Maldives, and one that we can all jump on board with! One of the most popular pieces is Bodu Beru, which is a literal translation of ‘Big Drums’. You must stumble across one of these performances on your visit – it will send you into a state of euphoria, filled with positive energy and togetherness. Dance through every moment! What more could you wish for in such a dreamy destination?

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