Movement boosts brain energy: the best exercise routines to keep your creativity flowing

Written by miravvi Editor 6th June 2022
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As children, our imaginations run wild - turning cardboard boxes into castles, rockets into pirate ships. Have you noticed that back then we saw things for all that they could be rather than what they truly were? What a beautiful perception of life creativity can bring if we let it take over. In adulthood, it seems to be just that little bit easier to follow suit in a negative downpour due to everyday life and become less accustomed to playful and creative thoughts.

The solution to this life puzzle is simply to exercise it. We lift weights to get stronger. We run consistently to become faster. We stretch regularly to become more flexible. And to become more creative, we have to create and be brave enough to trust our own perceptions of the world. Creativity is an intentional effort to change what is to what we think it should be.

If you are struggling to find flurries of inspiration or to get your creative juices flowing, then you must reconnect with yourself and consider a new routine incorporated with stimulating moments and activities. Giving your perceptions a chance to live will take you on a creative journey to your desired lifestyle.

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