Role model: All eyes are on us!

Written by miravvi Editor 20th January 2022

Parents, guardians – we are all the biggest role models for the children in our care, believe it or not! We have the most beautiful job in the world and that is to help shape, mould and support another human to follow a healthy journey throughout life.

How does the diet of the parent influence the child

When thinking about relationships between a parent and child, it instantly suggests happiness and care. As parents, we are influential role models in our children’s lives, having a lot of responsibility for establishing healthy habits. With a handful of social, environmental, cultural and nutritional facts on display, it is very important to learn how to create a positive influence on our children’s eating habits.

Remember: We are the aspiration! We are their mirror.

Keep that in mind when we are partaking in activities within their eyesight that we wouldn’t wish upon them. This goes for eating habits, too. Opt for healthier choices to grow a healthier mind. Here are some tips that we think will support our expedition to health!

What other choice?

Our eating habits set an example for our children. Educating them on the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and getting them involved with the process will work wonders!

Watch what we eat – they are watching!

Identify the foods with the highest calories, fat, sugar, cakes, chocolate – you know the drill! It is so important to maintain our children’s intake of these foods to the minimum anyway, but limiting our consumption is an even better way of keeping on top of it.

We don’t need to label these foods as “bad”. This can create an unhealthy relationship with food too. The key to success is to maintain that idea of a balanced diet – we don’t need to weigh that one up!

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