Optimise your work-outs: top tips to achieve the healthiest version of you

Written by miravvi Editor 9th June 2022
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Quality not quantity is essential in the world of fitness – it is not the time that you have, but how you use that time to boost your overall health. Don’t lose sight of what is important Here are the best ways to optimise your workout and achieve the healthiest version of you!

Breakfast is on the menu

Breakfast is most certainly the most important meal of the day – especially if you are engaging in an exercise routine in the morning. By fuelling your body before your workout, you are setting the foundations for improving your fitness performance. This is because if you don’t fuel yourself correctly before engaging in exercise, you risk the possibility of becoming lightheaded or feeling sluggish, which will lessen the amount of effort and engagement that you pour into your workouts.

If you’re doing something to benefit you then why not put your all into it?

Slow and steady wins the strength

Intense and rapid cardio is all well and good, but sometimes you need to slow down and engage your entire body. By introducing this slow-down method into your training, you will actively be increasing the intensity of your workout, optimising your muscle engagement and boosting the results!

It isn’t always about keeping up with the rapid pace of life, we all need to slow down sometimes.

Snacking is your best friend

Having snacks at hand and incorporating them into your workout is one thing that will optimise your results without a doubt. Those small boosts of energy can be found in every form: an energy bar, a smoothie or even some yoghurt. Fuelling your body with those small but necessary boosts will send your results sky high – just like your energy levels!

Push for posture

Taking even a few seconds to work on and improve your posture will have the best impact on your fitness performance. By allowing yourself to stretch out those muscles and straightening your spines you are setting yourself up for success and undeniable health!

Unroll your yoga mat first thing in the morning or have a good stretch on the commute to work – progress is progress no matter how small.

Eating and exercise are two things that complement one another, but it is important to remember that everyone is unique and will benefit from different things. Listen to your own body and allow yourself to guide you on your journey. You know yourself the best and that is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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