The power of sports nutrition

Written by miravvi Editor 16th May 2022

What is sports nutrition and why is it so widely discussed? The simplest answer is because it carries great benefits for your overall health and physical fitness! Having a basic understanding of how sports nutrition can impact our bodies is something that you will be thankful for, especially when aiming for fitness goals. We know our bodies better than anyone else and sports nutrition can only enhance our knowledge and direct us along the correct pathway. The power of nutrition cannot be matched!

Sports nutrition embraces a range of nutritional strategies that can support an individual with their physical performance. It embraces factors like healthy eating habits and hydration to recover your body after intense exercise. Here are some quick tips to help you put the knowledge into practice!

Healthy eating habits

By maintaining a sustainable and healthy diet, you are fuelling your body with all of the food that it needs to enhance your fitness performance. Don’t create a food schedule that doesn’t suit you – this fitness journey is all about you, make it exciting!  It is important to personalise this diet to yourself and your own goals as our bodies are all unique and require specific requirements. Remember, that we are all unique and progress is still progress, even if it differs from someone else.


Hydration holds importance to everyone, but especially when taking part in any exercise. The average intake is around 2 litres per day to keep your body hydrated and to prevent any feeling of fatigue. 

It may be beneficial to make a habit of drinking a certain amount of water each day to make sure that you are reaching that healthy target. Nothing beats a cold sip of water after an intense workout!

Keep it balanced

It is undeniably important to keep a healthy balance between moving and resting. Take a moment to wind down and listen to your body! You should be allowing yourself time to rest and relax between exercise days as by working too much you could cause a detrimental impact on your overall health and performance.

It is important to remember that sports nutrition is not simply reserved for athletes, it is for anyone who desires to understand and elevate their overall fitness. By having that growth mindset and belief in yourself to begin your fitness journey, you will not look back. Maintain that dedication as well as the power and understanding of nutrition, you can reach any goal that you set yourself – feel empowered!

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