What is happiness to you?

Written by miravvi Editor 21st February 2022

Many of us actively search for it and some wait for it to find us. But what is this sought-after concept? For some, it may come in the form of achievement and for some, it may come in a person or a place. But, whatever it unravels itself as, it will not just appear one morning, nor will you stop searching for it once one milestone has been hit. As human beings, we are always craving more. But the beautiful truth is that happiness is within reach, we just have to cultivate it right now, at this moment. No matter what is happening around you or how you are feeling, the time is always right to plant the seed. So why not allow it to flourish in the present, there is nothing more wonderful than that. 

Are you living in the present?

To truly feel happiness, it has to be felt in the present moment – right this very second. It is deeply rooted in the tree of self-acceptance and awareness, and it is guaranteed to bloom into something sustainable and strong. In our modern-day society, a lot of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life – so much so that we find ourselves unattached from what is going on around us. We are all guilty of living up in the clouds sometimes, but you must know that to reach a destination of contentment we must be present. Why not take a look around you – what colours you can see? Embrace the world with your senses and become a part of the ever-changing beauty that surrounds us. Once contentment is on the horizon, happiness is not far behind. If you can’t feel happy in the moment, then you will forever be pining or mourning it – neither of those options appeals to many.

Ways to cultivate a life of happiness

A high percentage of us all assume that we know what would make us ultimately content. Is it an expensive car? Or a dream house by the sea? In reality, contentment is found in the current moment and not craving anything more. Many feel at ease, peace and fulfilment once they have embraced this heavenly state. But how can you reach it? One thing to remember is that we can create our contentment by moulding our attitude and thoughts – we are the curator of our happiness. Here are some ways to help you on your happiness voyage:

Have an optimistic approach

Although sometimes it may be easier said than done, maintaining a positive perspective and developing it into a habit is one that you will not regret. This does not mean that you have to smile even when you are feeling upset, it is more about recognising that something has not had the best outcome and what positive can you take away from this. It may be worth stepping back and evaluating the situation afterwards and thoroughly trying to understand why you responded the way that you did. To choose positivity is a big step towards cultivating contentment and will attract positive energy in the future. 

Don’t compare

In the modern society of today, we are actively exposed to the lives of those that we may not know very well. By seeing life achievements and perfect photographic moments we can often become deceived and lose sight of all of the good that we have inside of us. Comparison is a harsh feeling that can lead to jealousy and discontentment. Everyone in this world is unique and we are all on our journey – be proud of yourself for all that you have done. 

Be mindful

Creating time for yourself to be mindful is imperative to finding harmony in the present moment. Meditation and yoga are the two popular go-to activities to truly send people up into a mindful headspace. By allowing yourself those moments in the day to sit back and become self-aware it allows our bodies to heal, our hearts to open and to feel at one with our soul. By actively engaging in activities that bring peace to your day, your goal of contentment will be lingering on the horizon. Happiness all starts from within. 


It is a delightful skill to be able to be grateful for life itself. To be grateful is to understand that life brings challenges as well as moments of peace, but no matter what, we are alive and breathing and that is all that matters. To look at life with a perspective like this will only drive you in a direction oozing with positivity and contentment. Make gratefulness a habit in your day-to-day life. Why not give yourself a few seconds each day to think about what made you feel good? By recognising and being aware of all of the wonderful things in life, you will never look back.

Find your purpose

In a world filled with endless opportunities – find your calling. What are you aspiring to? What makes your heartbeat just that little bit faster? What makes you smile even on rainy days? What energises you? Having a purpose in life can drive us in a positive direction. Life is meaningful to all of us – but beautifully, it means different things to different people. Reflect on yourself and your own life, what gives you purpose? And if you haven’t found your purpose yet, then that is okay, too. Your time will come. 

Surround yourself with happiness

This is an important one – be purposeful when living your life. Choose to be around like-minded people and positive energy, choose to do something that makes you smile. Don’t feel pressured to follow a societal norm – this life that we have only happened once, why waste it on uncomfortable feelings and activities that make us miserable? Surround yourself with energy that is radiant, free and beautiful. Attract it as much as you can. 

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