The sparkle of the smoothie

Written by miravvi Editor 21st February 2022

Smoothies are the beverage of the hour – scattered with unbelievable health benefits,  start your morning with a natural glow radiating from you. No matter what tickles your taste buds, there is an endless stream of smoothie combinations that are filled to the brim with fresh fruit and vegetables. Why not experiment a little bit? You may be pleasantly surprised! Whichever ingredients you choose, be prepared for a taste sensation and a happy digestive system.

This is a nourishing and wholesome option that will kickstart your day without a doubt – busting with high vitamin, mineral and fibre content, your body will thank you with that natural energy boost! Whatever the time of day, it is always time to squeeze in this tasty treat.

Many benefits come with smoothie drinking, and here are some just to keep in mind when considering your next meal!

Helps to strengthen your immune system

Smoothies are your partner in crime when your immune system is involved. With the ingredients predominantly focused on fresh fruit and vegetables, it is perfect when building up the immune system naturally. It works perfectly with your body when tackling diseases and common illnesses – maybe it should be a smoothie a day that keeps the doctor away!

Wholesome and filling

Smoothies are jam-packed with all of the good stuff – healthy fats, fibres and nutrients. They contain everything that the body could need. Along with it being a wholesome and tasty treat, it is also very filling. This in turn can prevent unnecessary snacking and keep your stomach full and happy. 

Keeps you hydrated 

A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in water, therefore keeping your body hydrated. This is a blessing in the summer months as they are tasty and keep our intake of water high and flowing. Water can often become a boring option and that is when the smoothie can step in and take over!

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